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Console.WindowWidth in Shell's AfterMigration delegate fails in non-windowed calls


I'm trying this out in a Hudson project. When Hudson launches the executable it does so without a visible window. My migration appears to succeed, but then I receive "The handle is invalid." The culprit is your call to print out as many equal signs as will fit in the console window. No window => no handle => exception!
This kills the whole migration because AfterMigration steps are called BEFORE the final transaction commit.
1) Do not consider the migration to have succeeded until after the OnAfterMigration event has fired successfully.
2) Offer a "quiet" mode that prints nothing to the screen but instead returns useful error codes, along with text file logging. (Or just get rid of the equals signs! :-)
Thanks for a nice project,
Mike Roufa
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sebastian_klose wrote Oct 26, 2010 at 1:19 PM

This issue is fixed in version, a new command line option "/silient" was added

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